Terms & Conditions

To our valued customer,
Maison Mieko Europe OÜ, would like to offer the following terms & conditions.

Currencey : € (Euros)

Shipping Terms : Landed Cost (LDP), India
*Product cost, Shipping, Customs duty and Customs clearance fees are included.

Transportation and Insurance : DHL
*To be arranged and paid by seller side basically.

Shipping Time Frame : 5 working days

Peyment Method :Wire Transfer, Shopify or Credit Card
*International remittance fees are the responsibility of both parties involved.

Peyment Terms :
Below 2,000 euros order, Payment 100%, Prior to shipping.
Above 2,000 euros order, Deposit of 30%, Prior to shipping.

Payment Due Date: Payment within 60 days of receiving the invoice

Late Payment Fees :
If you fail to pay within 60 days of the invoice date, we shall charge an additional 3% late fee.
We shall continue to charge additional 3% late fees for every additional 30 days the invoice
remains unpaid.

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7, Rue Vicq d'Azir, 75010 Paris, France
E-mail address:sales@maisonmieko.com